Executive Board

Bill Fernandez


Bill Fernandez- National President Title: FAA-Performance Based Navigation Specialist Location: Capital area president@nhcfae.org Phone: (405) [...]

Oscar Torres

Vice President

Oscar Torres – National Vice President Title: FAA-ATC, ZTL ARTCC vp@nhcfae.org Phone: (404) 621-8289 [...]

Dolores Spriggs

Director of Resources

Dolores Spriggs– National Director of Resources Title: FAA-Compliance Specialist Location: Southwest Regional Office dor@nhcfae.org Phone: (8 [...]

John Espinosa

Director of Education

Jonathan Eagle

Director of Public Affairs

Jonathan Eagle – National Director of Public Affairs Title: Air Traffic Control Specialist Location: Van Nuys Air Traffic Control Tower dopa@nhcf [...]

Laurie Ortiz

Director of Administration

Laurie Ortiz – National Director of Administration Title: Administrative Officer Location: Central Region Office doa@nhcfae.org Phone: 816-329-3 [...]