The term of office for National Officers shall be two (2) years.

  • Elections for National Officer of NHCFAE shall be held as follows:
  • National President, National Director of Administration, and Director of Public Affairs in the odd ending years.
  • National Vice President, National Director of Resources, and Director of Education in the even ending years.
  • Regional/Center elections as follows: Regional/Center Director and Regional/Center Director of Administration in the odd years. Regional/Center Deputy Director, Regional/Center Director of Resources in the even years.

No National Officer may run or hold two offices concurrently. RCD’s and AR’s may hold one National Office, if so elected. No National Officer may hold an office in excess of two consecutive terms commencing in 1988, unless there is no identified and elected successor, then and in such event, said officer’s term may be extended in one-year increments until a successor is identified and elected.

RCD’s and AR’s may appoint a special assistant to assist them with their regional or area responsibilities while they serve as a National Officer of NHCFAE.

Elections and special elections for national officers shall be held by secret ballot. The ballot shall be embossed with the official coalition seal to verify an authentic ballot. The ballot shall contain the names of the candidates running for office. In addition to the ballot, a Proxy Statement will also be included and it will also be embossed with the official coalition seal to verify an authentic Proxy Statement.


  • All ballots, which are mailed, shall be so identified on the envelope as ‘ELECTION BALLOT’, and shall remain sealed until the election process begins.
  • The ballot shall be returned via a sealed envelope provided by the election committee.
  • Ballots shall be mailed to the chairperson of the election committee and be postmarked at least 10 days prior to the elections meeting.
  • Any ballot, which has not been mailed to the elections committee and postmarked 10 days prior to the election, shall be counted as invalid.
  • The received ballot shall remain in the return envelope until election day. The return envelope containing the ballot shall be validated against the official membership list.


  • Members in good standing may choose to vote via Proxy. By giving a written authorization, the member is allowing the Delegate to vote in their place. The Regional/Center Directors (RCD) and Area Representatives (AR) are Delegates by virtue of office. Members must get their Proxy Statement to the Delegate of their choice prior to the election.
  • RCD’s and AR’s may designate an alternate to act on their behalf. Designation of an alternate must be in writing, sent to the National Director of Administration, and postmarked no later than 10 days prior to the election meeting.
  • Delegates must present their Proxy Statements to the Election Committee 24 Hours prior to the election to verify members standing.


  • Any person in good standing may vote in person. Ballots shall be distributed and upon completion of the voting process, the elections committee will retrieve the ballots and validates against the membership roster.
  • Write in nominations or votes are PROHIBITED.Write in nominations or votes are PROHIBITED.
  • In the event any office is unopposed, the election process shall concur with Robert’s Rules.
  • All election results shall be recorded by the National Director of Administration and
    verified by the Chairperson of the Elections Committee. The election results will be announced to the membership as follows:
    • NUMBER OF VOTES CAST FOR CANDIDATE “C” : (number)(and for any additional candidates)

Ties amongst front runners shall be broken by run-off elections.

Voting on amendments to these Bylaws or the Constitution shall be administered pursuant to Section 5 of this Article.

Prospective candidates for National Office shall submit a letter announcing their candidacy, with a personal biography, to the Chairperson of the Elections Committee no later than 90 days prior to the Election meeting.

The chairperson of the Elections Committee shall prepare and print the Election or Special Voting Ballots 60 days prior to the Election or Special Meeting. The Ballots shall contain the names of the candidates and the office for which they are running. The Elections Committee shall ensure that all Ballots are sent out to all members in good standing of the NHCFAE no later than 45 days prior to the Election Meeting. There shall not be any late entrants to any election being conducted by this organization.

Challenges to the manner in which an election or voting on an issue was conducted shall be submitted to the Chairperson of the Elections Committee, no later than 24 hours after the close of the of the Election or Voting Meeting. Hearing no challenges the Election or Vote shall become final and binding after 24 hours has elapsed.

  • After the election or vote has become final and binding, the newly elected National Officer shall be called “INCUMBENT” until he/she takes office on October 1st. The transition period shall be from the time the elections become binding to the last day of the fiscal year.
  •  For more information, please contact: David Gonzales at elections@nhcfae.org.